Hy-land - Commercial Playground Equipment

Our collection of safe, solid Outdoor Play Equipment for public use; Hy-land. Professional Climbing Frames designed especially for campsites, sport clubs, restaurants, nurseries, schools, etc. Why? Because children need to be able to play on real Wooden Climbing Frames everywhere. Visit the official Hy-land website here.

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  1. school swing sets nest swing set

    Hy-land | Professional Swing Set | Nest Swing Set

    ZAR38,703.00 Special Price ZAR30,960.00 incl. VAT
  2. park swing sets classic swing set

    Hy-land | Commercial Swing Set | Classic Swing Set

    ZAR25,103.00 Special Price ZAR20,076.00 incl. VAT
  3. community playground climbing frame q4s

    Hy-land | Commercial Playground with Swing Q4s

    ZAR122,325.00 Special Price ZAR97,857.00 incl. VAT
  4. recreation playground climbing frame q4

    Hy-land | Outdoor Play Equipment For Public Use Q4

    ZAR99,842.00 Special Price ZAR79,880.00 incl. VAT
  5. mall playground climbing frame q3

    Hy-land | Kids Playground Q3

    ZAR73,193.00 Special Price ZAR58,551.00 incl. VAT
  6. outdoor play equipment for schools climbing frame q2s

    Hy-land | Outdoor Play Equipment with Swing Q2s

    ZAR79,929.00 Special Price ZAR63,936.00 incl. VAT
  7. outdoor climbing frames climbing frame q2

    Hy-land | Outdoor Climbing Frame Q2

    ZAR54,126.00 Special Price ZAR43,308.00 incl. VAT
  8. commercial play system climbing frame q1

    Hy-land | Commercial Playground Q1

    ZAR45,195.00 Special Price ZAR36,149.00 incl. VAT
  9. wooden commercial jungle gym climbing frame p8s

    Hy-land | Wooden Professional Jungle Gym with Swing P8s

    ZAR119,364.00 Special Price ZAR95,498.00 incl. VAT
  10. public playground climbing frame p8

    Hy-land | Outdoor Play Equipment P8

    ZAR96,881.00 Special Price ZAR77,505.00 incl. VAT
  11. nursery climbing frame with slide climbing frame p7s

    Hy-land | Professional Climbing Frame with Swing P7s

    ZAR103,811.00 Special Price ZAR83,052.00 incl. VAT
  12. kids outdoor center playground climbing frame p7

    Hy-land | Professional Climbing Frame P7

    ZAR81,311.00 Special Price ZAR65,043.00 incl. VAT
  13. park climbing frame climbing frame p6s

    Hy-land | Climbing Frame with Swing for Public Use P6s

    ZAR93,367.00 Special Price ZAR74,690.00 incl. VAT
  14. kids playground project climbing frame p6

    Hy-land | Outdoor Play Equipment P6

    ZAR70,867.00 Special Price ZAR56,697.00 incl. VAT
  15. outdoor slides climbing frame p5s

    Hy-land | Certified Climbing Frame with Swing P5s

    ZAR77,797.00 Special Price ZAR62,244.00 incl. VAT
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Items 1-15 of 26

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Hy-land - Commercial Climbing Frames

Our collection of safe, solid Outdoor Play Equipment for public use; Hy-land. Professional Climbing Frames designed especially for campsites, sport clubs, restaurants, nurseries, schools, etc. Why? Because children need to be able to play on real Wooden Climbing Frames everywhere.

Certified Climbing Frames

The impressive Hy-land Commercial Climbing Frames and components are continuously tested for safety, strength and durability. In addition, the production processes and facilities of our Certified Climbing Frames are constantly monitored according to the European directives and the European safety standard EN 1176; both in our own in-house test laboratory and by the accredited auditor TüV Rheinland LGA Products GmbH. Our Climbing Frames for Public use are type-tested, GS certified and intended for kids between 3-12 years old. Hy-land Children’s Outdoor Play Equipment feature:

  • Sustainable timber with robust dimensions, withstanding the rigors of intensive use in public areas
  • Safe, spacious non-conflicting play zones, without protrusion or entrapment hazards
  • Guardrails and barriers on all slide and climb openings to protect children from potential falls
  • Safe shock absorbing polymer swing seats reinforced with an aluminium core for additional rigidity and comfort
  • Hot dip galvanized steel swing chains with small links preventing finger entrapment
  • Stainless steel swing hangers with low maintenance non squeaking nylon bearings
  • Powergrip stainless steel ladder rungs finished with nylon rung end covers
  • Skid-resistant coated large galvanised steel hand grips
  • Professional non-brittle anti slip polyurethane climbing holds
  • Steel wire reinforced polyester rope climbing nets
  • Galvanised powder coated steel construction-, roof- and swing brackets
  • Integrated sandpit with non woven anti-root fabric and reinforced PVC sandbox cover net to prevent animals (e.g. cats.) from entering while allowing rain to clean the sand and evaporate
  • Triple-coated non-corrosive galvanised hardware shielded with polyamide bolt caps

Professional Climbing Frames: P-Series

Classic, timeless Commercial Climbing Frames and swing sets, innovatively configured from two no-nonsense playtowers. Pick your robust, sustainable Wooden Climbing Frame with or without swing. These classic Professional Climbing Frames are designed to meet the wishes, budgets and available spaces of various business owners. Featuring:

  • Durable Hy-slide
  • Powergrip stainless steel ladder rungs
  • Climbing rock walls with super-grip climbing holds
  • Spacious integrated sandpits with covers
  • Shock absorbing polymer swing seats with aluminium core

Professional Climbing Frames: Q-Series

A range of four extraordinary, contemporary Commercial Climbing Frames with enhanced features. Impressive Professional Climbing Frames that fit any location. Hy-land Q-series Wooden Climbing Frames are a sound investment for business owners. Featuring:

  • Durable Hy-slide
  • Extra large climbing rock wall with super-grip climbing holds
  • Extra large climbing nets made of armed rope
  • Shock absorbing polymer swing seats with aluminium core
  • Guardrails on all slide and climb openings

Professional Swings

Robust freestanding Commercial Swing Sets, either with two classic seats or one birdsnest swing. Fortified with a double swing beam, galvanised swing chains and brackets to withstand all weather conditions and intensive Professional Swing Set use for example at a school. All Swing Sets for Public use and accessories are EN 1176 certified and robust timber from responsibly managed forests where more trees are planted than harvested.


Hy-land Outdoor Play Equipment is surprisingly affordable in both purchase and ownership. The straight-forward range is developed together with business owners; a budget-friendly, robust, low maintenance Childrens Playground as a service for their family customers. Hy-land Outdoor Play Equipment is type-tested for commercial use, no additional product assessment is required. With the provided checklist and logbook you can easily and legitimately do the periodic maintenance inspections of your Childrens Playground yourself.

Outdoor Playsets for Restaurants

Hy-land Commercial Climbing Frames are perfect for a Restaurant, Cafe, Bar, Tavern, Eatery, Grill, Pizzeria etc. Create an instant family-friendly vibe and become the number one family hotspot in your area. Parents eat and drink comfortably while the children play safely on the Wooden Climbing Frames for professional use. A Hy-land Childrens Playground is a sound investment with low maintenance cost for restaurant owners.

Outdoor Play Equipment for Schools

Create a beautiful natural play environment at school with Hy-land’s wooden Outdoor Play Equipment. Hy-land’s outdoor playsets are ideal for schools, made of very robust 100% forest-friendly timber withstanding intensive use of all-day-everyday playtime. With a wide range from small to extra large Outdoor Playsets for all sizes schools and budgets. Timeless Commercial Climbing Frames that meet all safety requirements for kids 3-12 years old.

Commercial Climbing Frames for Sport Clubs

It’s easy to show off a family friendly atmosphere at your sport club with a Hy-land Childrens Playground. At tennis clubs, soccer clubs, athletic clubs etc, Hy-land Commercial Climbing Frames are a visibly welcoming addition for the kids / brothers / sisters ánd your potential future members to get to know the club. Commercial Climbing Frames are a big hit for sport club cafe-bars where families with kids gather before, chill during the games or celebrate after. Hy-land’s natural Childrens Playgrounds for public use are robust, sustainable, very low maintenance, for kids 3-12 years old, available with assembly service or DIY.

Wooden Climbing Frames for Campings

Benefit from Hy-land’s affordable Outdoor Play Equipment for public use for your campground, campsite, holiday park, bungalow / caravan park, holiday resort, lodges etc. One or more Wooden Climbing Frames creates an instant family-friendly vibe, attract more family customers with kids age 3-12 years and encourage active play, such a hot health-topic for kids these days. In particular Hy-land robust wooden Outdoor Playsets playfully promote a sustainable, healthy lifestyle because of their natural look, durability and 100% forest friendly timber. And not to forget, so much fun for up to 14 kids at the same time!

Childrens Playgrounds for Nurseries

Boost the Childrens Playground area at your nursery, daycare center or school with a Hy-land Wooden Climbing Frame. Hy-land Outdoor Playsets are ideal for nurseries as they are affordable, yet tested and GS certified according to the European directives EN 1176. Available with assembly service or, for extra small budgets, DIY. When assembled according to the manual there are no third party assessment or inspections required! Hy-land’s sustainable wooden Outdoor Play Equipment fits a healthy, natural & organic lifestyle, is very durable and low maintenance.

Wooden Climbing Frames for Bed & Breakfasts

Welcome more family customers with Hy-land’s Outdoor Play Equipment. Commercial Climbing Frames are a sound investment for Bed & Breakfasts, Family Hotels, Motels, Inns etc. with relatively low depreciation and maintenance costs. As an effective extra service for your customers, the robust natural Wooden Climbing Frames guarantee a high quality family friendly and eco-conscious vibe. Ideal Outdoor Play Equipment for Bed & Breakfasts.

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